Elon Musk unveils the Optimus Tesla robot and calls it a “fundamental transformation.”


Tesla showcased a prototype of its Optimus humanoid robot on Friday, making a bet on artificial intelligence to transform the future of manual labor.

When the robot entered the stage, it waved hello and raised its arms in the air to show off its range of mobility. According to Tesla, the robot is using its Full Self-Driving computer. The business then embarked on a highly technical presentation describing its attempts to create and train the robot, covering everything from its initial movements to more complex abilities like “pelvis unlock” and allowing its arms to wobble.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, stated, “This is the first time the robot has been operated without [a connection] onstage tonight,” as the company displayed videos showing it picking up items and watering plants. We didn’t want it to crash to the ground,

The robot lumbered onto the stage waving and was dressed in skeletal clothing with exposed wiring and components. Three humans were present on stage to support a later iteration of the cyborg that was also displayed.

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Here are the robots. They also want to cook you fries.

Musk wants the robot to be mass produced, cost less than $20,000, and have essential physical characteristics like the ability to independently move each finger and have opposable thumbs with a range of motion so it can use tools.

This portends a prosperous future, he said. “A world without poverty in the future. Wherever humans… Whatever goods and services you desire are available.

He claimed that it represented a profound shift in civilization as we know it.

According to Tesla, the most recent version of the robot has audio and cybersecurity features, WiFi, and LTE (long-term evolution) capabilities similar to those of a smartphone. A Tesla computer chip powers it. According to the manufacturer, it uses a battery pack with a 2.3-kilowatt-hour capacity, significantly less than what would be required for an electric vehicle. The business claimed that there are 11 degrees of freedom in the robot’s hands, which is likely a reference to the directions in which they may move.

The business claimed that building the robot as rapidly and at a scale as feasible created it with the same mass production goals in mind as when it would construct a car. Tesla has stated that it may use the robot in its plants, which employ thousands of manufacturing workers, to carry out duties.

Investors and financial analysts have voiced doubt that Tesla would be able to develop the robot in the end, recommending that the company concentrate on initiatives more closely related to its principal business of electric automobiles.

How Musk intends to address one of the trickiest issues in robotics and artificial intelligence—creating a machine that can take the place of a human—is shown in the demo on Friday.

Elon Musk’s texts provide insight into the events that led to the failed Twitter takeover.

For years, businesses like Amazon and Google have attempted to develop robots that can move and pick up or work on objects with mechanized claws or hands in a trickily tricky feat.

That technological Holy Grail, which would enable businesses to replace human workers with endless robots, hasn’t been attained.

According to pictures shared on social media, a model of a giant fork in the middle of a road welcomed Tesla supporters, online influencers, and investors to the presentation on Friday in Palo Alto, California.

Musk presented the humanoid robot at the same event the previous year. He claimed the 5-foot-8, non-combatant cyborg would be: Naturally, it is meant to be welcoming. It would be made to assist with monotonous, menial labor and usher in a day when choosing physical employment would be an option.

Google is making its robots more human by training them.

In terms of being able to “ran away from it and most likely overpowered it,” Musk stated.

Musk recognized on Friday how advanced this year’s demo was compared to the last.

“Last year, it was just a guy in a robot costume, as you know,” he remarked.

The Tesla bot is a part of the company’s ongoing efforts to usher in a new era of automation when computer algorithms make decisions similar to those made by humans and develop their knowledge without the need for human input.

Companies are coming up with new ways to automate labor that humans previously did as the nation struggles with a workforce shortage that has left a significant portion of manufacturing jobs open. Organized labor has criticized the attempts, but they had also won support when they increased worker safety and created new opportunities.

Tesla just shocked everyone with its Optimus robot prototype :

The Tesla Bot could move around untethered, wave to the crowd, and even perform a brief, conservative dance. Tesla demonstrated the Tesla Bot’s ability to pick up a box and deliver it to a desk where humans are seated in a video. Other objects like a metal bar and a watering can for plants be recognized and picked up by it.

Tesla also displayed a more upscale-appearing iteration of the Optimus robot with complete finger control and additional flexibility. This model moved all of its limbs to provide a brief look at its capabilities even though it was installed on a pedestal because it wasn’t yet ready to walk. Perhaps the most astounding assertion is that the Tesla Bot could cost less than $20,000.

Tesla is a vehicle firm, and it’s barely been a year since Optimus was initially teased. Optimus is an exceedingly advanced humanoid robot. Given that it uses the same vision-based technology as Tesla’s self-driving cars, the Tesla Bot has an advantage in navigation. But as Musk has repeatedly emphasized, Tesla is already among the most cutting-edge robotics firms in the world because of the robot program created for its plants.

The Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics is undoubtedly more sophisticated, but that comes from years of study that started with canine-like robots before moving on to two-legged robots that can dance and even do some parkour. Contrary to Optimus, it is not meant for the typical customer.

The development of Tesla’s Optimus robot has gone through three phases.
However, the Optimus prototype shows the work of a severe robotics team, contrary to some people’s fears that the Tesla Bot element of the AI Day event would be all bluster.

The developers at the presentation went into great depth on the “biologically inspired design” of features like the joint actuators and the development of the Tesla Bot’s walking ability.

Tesla demonstrated how much progress has been made in creating a small, all-purpose robot that might eventually take the place of a human and alter how labor is done in Tesla plants and elsewhere. As development progresses, Optimus has some promising possibilities based on what we can now discern.

Gene Munster, the managing partner of Loup Ventures, noted in an analysis that if it comes to pass, Optimus might initially replace manufacturing employment, which accounts for around 10% of all occupations in the United States and pay an estimated $500 billion in wages annually.

He continued that the worldwide market for physical labor is much bigger than the one for manufacturing labor in the United States.

Musk is known for making unrealistic promises, especially regarding his timetables. A pickup truck from Tesla with “unbreakable” glass was announced in 2019; nevertheless, the windows cracked onstage during a demonstration.

The delivery of the truck has not yet occurred. It would be “waterproof enough to serve temporarily as a boat,” Musk tweeted on Thursday.

Tesla claims to be developing a “friendly” robot that will carry out simple chores and won’t defend itself.

The robot’s computer is based on Tesla’s Full Self-Driving, which is now undergoing beta testing in 160,000 vehicles on public roads and includes a set of technologies that allow cars to move without a driver’s input. Tesla continues to insist that drivers must always be attentive.

According to Musk, artificial intelligence is the biggest threat to society since it has the potential to one day surpass humans in intelligence and put us in peril. However, he claimed that the business could guarantee its security by producing the Tesla robot.

He declared last year, “We’re just obviously making the pieces needed for a useful humanoid robot, so I assume we probably should construct it.” And someone else would if we didn’t. I suppose we should create it and ensure its security.

Tesla asks that a video of cars hitting miniature mannequins be taken off.

At that point, Musk responded to a user account claiming to be Optimus with some helpful suggestions.

“Please be kind to humanity,” he tweeted.

According to the business, the robot might assist with monotonous jobs like car maintenance or grocery shopping.

Google is preparing robots to carry out challenging tasks :

Google researchers can educate simple robots to make judgments and carry out more challenging tasks by using the findings from studies on AI and massive language models.
Dan Ives, an analyst for Wedbush Securities, predicted that “this will be a crucial event for Musk to indicate there is a strategic roadmap on the Optimus front.”

AI can now produce any image in seconds, which is fantastic and dangerous.

Tesla frequently hosts occasions like AI Day, Battery Day, and others to attract new employees and generate excitement for its newest technologies. Musk acknowledged individuals working in the disciplines of robotics and AI as he concluded his remarks on the robot.

He says his goal is “to persuade some of the world’s most talented individuals to join Tesla and assist bring it [the robot] to completion at scale such that it can serve millions of people.”

He employed AI to triumph in a fine arts contest. Was it dishonest?

Tesla executives voiced optimism that the robot would be available in months or years, revolutionizing the economy. It didn’t have a set product distribution schedule like several earlier Tesla products.

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